Magento 2 – Disable Compare Products

Magento 2 provides many useful features out of the box. However, not every store requires product comparison functionality and it should be removed. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to disable compare products in Magento 2. The most popular way of removing is using layout updates. You can add layout instructions to remove compare blocks 

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How to check Magento version in Magento 2

You can easily get Magento 2 version in the code using the following constant:

This interface is located in vendor/magento/framework/AppInterface.php file. For more information you can check this class: \Magento\Framework\App\ProductMetadata Also, as usual, the version is being displayed in the footer in the admin area.

How to enable mcrypt on Ubuntu 15.04 (php-fpm + nginx)

Every Magento instance requires mcrypt module for php. This module allows to encrypt or decrypt any data. Usually, it is used to save encrypted passwords or other sensitive data to the database. If you a using php-fpm with nginx on Ubuntu, here are the steps how to enable mcrypt: 1. Install mcrypt module

2. Enable module 

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