Disable Reviews in Magento 2

Some store owners don’t want to use native Magento 2 reviews and ratings feature. For example, you may want to use some external reviews system. In this case, you need to remove reviews completely.

There are several places you need to take into account in order to disable reviews.

1. On a product page you need to remove:

  • Reviews tab and review form
  • “Add Your Review” link
  • Link with reviews count
  • Rating indicator


2. Product listing (category page)

  • Every listing item has rating indicator and reviews count link that needs to be removed


3. Customer account

  • It’s needed to remove “My Product Reviews” link in account navigation sidebar
  • Remove “My Product Reviews” link
  • Remove “My Recent Reviews” block on account dashboard (since Magento 2.2)


4. Catalog product list widget

  • The same like on a category page

All these areas are covered in a small extension. Additionally, it disables all reviews-related routes, so it will be not possible to access reviews functionality by direct URL.